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Service - Massage

Villa CÉDRIA in partnership with MassageN 'Coaching, offers a relaxing or energizing massage service. This is a professional high-end service provided by an experienced masseur that comes in the form of a high quality massage. Its main function is to relax, releasing the stress you might have accumulated. It is also recommended to relieve many aches (back, head, muscles ...) and help the body regain a balance and provides the lacking energy. This service is for all those seeking, without having to travel, the quality of service they seldom find in specialized centers that focus too often on return to the detriment of quality. Only making an appointment is required through Villa Cédria, the masseur provides everything needed on site to obtain optimum conditions. His professionalism, his equipment and his know-how to ensure your satisfaction.

N. B.: The intention and the purpose of this service is the welfare of the person. The techniques are not similar in any way, neither in content nor in the objectives, to those in physiotherapy or medical practices.